Toni Storm-Dickerson

Toni Storm-Dickerson, MD is a surgical oncologist at Compass Oncology and is on the Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington Board of Directors. Dr. Storm recalls having always wanted to be a surgeon, ever since she was a child. When asked why she got involved with Oncology, she said:

“I have the best job in the world,” Dr. Storm said; “I get to heal people from the inside-out, and my patients are truly what make me love it.”

Dr. Storm mentions that breast cancer found her. There is a big need for breast cancer care, and for someone to give their time and attention to it fully. You must be up to date on what is happening in the cancer world, the latest technologies, and new procedures in order to provide high-quality cancer care. To her, breast cancer treatment is more than just oncology, it’s a multifaceted whole-body approach that includes surgery, oncology, nutrition, physical therapy, and more.

“[My job includes] seeing what [a patient’s] needs are and then to help maximize them.” Dr. Storm emphasized. “We don’t always win, but our goal is to always help.”

When asked about the best part of her job, Dr Storm mentioned that she gets to work with amazing people and help them heal from the inside out. People often ask her how she feels about working such a difficult job and to that she says:

“I believe that doing good trickles down and sends good back to you; It’s an honor to get to do what I do. This is not a sad job, because our job is to help beat the cancer – to help the patient through the process.”

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