Roseline Esteves

Roseline Esteves’s story is one of bravery and positivity. She is an admirable breast cancer survivor whose story is inspiring to all those around her.

Roseline is originally from Puerto Rico, and currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas with her loving husband and two boys. In September 2014, shortly after moving to Kansas, Roseline was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news sent waves of great fear all over her body. She felt her future was very much in question.

One of her greatest support systems during her journey were her husband, her two boys, and her best friend. Her best friend flew to Kansas to help her recover from her breast reconstruction. Although most of her friends and family lived a great distance away from her, they all offered her long-distance support.
The support she received greatly helped her beat breast cancer and she advices others to not feel ashamed or embarrassed and to accept the help they are given. “Help can come in many forms”, she says. “Sometimes you have to sit back and let God and his helpers do their work.”

She also advices that those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer should join a support group in the beginning of their journey. She says that no one will understand you in the beginning of your battle like others who have traveled down the same road as you. “You will see how great the healing power of support is”, she says.

After going through this experience, Roseline says that it taught her to appreciate the life that she was given. “It teaches you to appreciate every day, to not expect anything from anyone, and that whatever comes is a blessing. Don’t worry about things that are not in your control.” Roseline is a true fighter who’s support and positivity during her journey allowed her to beat breast cancer.

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