Raina Casey

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Raina Casey has been down a long road of surgeries, treatment, tears, and even giggles 10 years later.

When asked about the most important lesson she had learned during her journey, Raina said:

“Listen to my body, and as much as I don’t like to always admit it, [to listen to] my medical team; they know what they’re doing. [I also learned] to be confident in the role they play in my personal life; they really genuinely care about my wellbeing. I trust them and the decisions they present to me so I’m able to advocate for myself without feeling bullied.”

Throughout Raina’s journey she has had the unwavering support of her son and Godmother Sharon (lovingly nicknamed ‘GodDiva’)..

“My son has been a great support throughout this journey, and I don’t take for granted how much he’s sacrificed and lost the time he should’ve been spending doing kid, teen, and now young man stuff. He’s easily my wildest dream come true.”

Raina reflected on how Sharon had ridden the ups and downs with Raina during her cancer journey.

“In the most loving way, she’s allowed me to live and work as long as it made sense to my wellbeing,” Raina said. “She is what every patient deserves to have.”

Sharon has supported Raina through surgeries, treatment, and even encouraged her to enjoy her career.

“I love my ‘GodDiva’. She’s by far the dopest person I know,” Raina gushed.

Raina’s advice to those recently diagnosed with breast cancer is simple:

“Be good to yourself. I know this feels like it’s the end of your world when you get a diagnosis. I promise you it is not. It can, in fact, be the beginning of a new life with good people in it.”

“Your support system, your chosen family, is hopefully there to share this experience with you – People who are there to hold you up when you get weary and there to confide in,” Raina advised. “Let your village take care of you and share your experience.”

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