How to Connect your Race for the Cure Fundraising Center to Facebook

Have you ever needed to manage your fundraising account but wanted to check Facebook at the same time? Now, you can have everything under one place! Here’s a walk-through showing you how connecting your RFTC Fundraising Center to Facebook can be easy! (Click on images to enlarge)

Step 1: Login to your Race for the Cure Fundraising Center

If you’re not registered yet, register for the event and you’ll be taken directly to your Fundraising Center once your registration is complete.

This may pop up on your screen asking you to connect to Facebook! If it does not, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Scroll down to the blue bar, click the white “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook” button

Step 3: A pop-up will appear where you can edit the title of your fundraiser and the story. (If you’re not already logged in to Facebook, you’ll be asked to login before the story pop-up appears)

If you’ve never used the Komen Facebook fundraising apps, it will take you through a series of steps to confirm you want to link your Fundraising Center

Use this space to personalize your fundraiser! You can share the personal story of why you are passionate about raising money for Komen Oregon and SW Washington. This content will appear as your fundraiser post and then will be the story that headlines your fundraiser, so make it good!

Step 4: Once you’re done editing, click the “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” button

Once everything is set up, the blue area on your page will change to include the direct link to your Facebook Fundraiser, and also a button to visit the page.


 Your Fundraiser page will look like this:

On your fundraiser page, you can post regular updates about your fundraising progress and invite friends to view your fundraiser and make a donation.

When you receive a donation from your FB fundraiser, you’ll get a notification within Facebook and receive a “You have a new donation!” email from Komen Oregon and SW Washington. Any donations you receive from your FB Fundraiser will also appear in your Walk Fundraising center donor roll-up and thermometer.

 Editing your Fundraiser:

Want to edit the image and story within your fundraiser? Everything can be changed right on Facebook!

First, go to your fundraiser in Facebook. The easiest way to get there is to click “Go to my Facebook fundraiser” in your Fundraising Center.

Click the “More” button, then select the “Edit Fundraiser” option. A pop-up will appear where you can change the photo, edit the title of your fundraiser, or change your story.