Our Giving Circle

These individuals who generously give $1,000 or more annually. Benefits include recognition, updates on Komen work, and invitations to special events. (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018) More info on how to join.

Ambassador – $50,000 – $99,999

Joe and Jane Gray

National Ambassador – $25,000 – $49,999

Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2
Linda and Rod Harris

Promise Keeper – $10,000 – $24,999

Celia and Ken Austin
Susan Collins
Tina and Gary Foster
Diane Hanke
Susan and Bernie McGrath
Timothy Neel
Patricia Reser

Goodwill Partner – $5,000 – $9,999     

Patricia and Robert Brown
Sandra Campbell
Lane Fenrich
Rhonda Fenrich
Diana Humphries
Irving Levin and Stephanie Fowler
Elise McClure
Marta Monetti
Laurie and Mark Reser
Kathryn and Ron Rufener
Patricia White
Charlene Zidell

Patron – $2,500 – $4,999 

Judy and Lee Billings-Behensky
Barbara Brown
Maureen Chambers
John and Jennifer Coughlin
Cristi Defrees
Robert and Marci Dove
Connie and Ron Fenrich
Gayle Gustafson
Marie Jones
Dan Karthas
Larissa Kirovski
Angela Lyda
Thomas John McHugh
Kathleen McLagan
Toni and Jim Mountain

Angel – $1,000 – $2,499

Janell Alexander
Jeff Alie
Bob Ani
Aletha Anderson
Cynthia Asai
Andrew Asato
Jonelle Battaglia
Lee Behensky
Dalya Berkey
Gerald M. and Sarah Bieze
Mary Boyle
Larry Burch
Shelley Campf
Patrick Callahan
Michelle Caplan
Erin Chambers
Debbie Chizek
Judy Clark
Susan Cook-Goodwin
Susan D’Alessandro
E. and Nancy Evans
Barbara and Nelson Farris
Karen Fishel
Ann Fisher
Mary Ann Frantz
Becky and Doug Gallagher
Candace Griffin
Desiree Hamilton
Kristina Hubbard
Carla Johnson
Denise Julian
Annette Kolodzie
Laura Law
Kathryn Leathers
Damonn Levine
Connie Lewis
Carol Loescher


Jim and Jenny Mark
Betty Massoni
Joel and Kristina Masters
Eileen McCurry-Hays
Marilyn McWilliams
Ruth Momeni
Barbara Nill
Jennifer Norberg
Pamela Obenchain
Caron Ogg
Julie Papke
Marjorie Papke
Sara Perrin
Hillary Peterson
Pauline Redon
Cindy Reed
Jason Reese
Jean Richardson
Sharon Richardson
Lin Rigutto
Ruth Roake
Karen and Bruce Rottink
Michael A. Savin
Eric Schneider
Robert W Schoellhorn
Julie Seiber
Nancy Stanek
Matthew Stanley
Nancy Stanley
Tom Stern
Toni Storm-Dickerson
Kimberly Tardie
Alec Vesely
Keli Von Pinnon
Oma Walsh
Michele Wiitala
Janine Wolf

Our Friends of Komen

These individuals have given $500-$999 annually. Benefits include year-round recognition, updates on Komen special initiatives, and invitations to events. (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018) More info on how to join.

Friends of Komen – $500 – $999

Diana Almy
Jamie Anderson
Sara Berglund
Anita Bigelow
Barbara A Brown
Janna Brown
James Chambers
Claud Courtney
Robb Crocker
Marsha Curtis
Jamie D’Alessandro
Stacy Davis
Cindy Edwards
Steven Faber
Chuck Fahsholz
R.J. Fenrich
Bonnie Gaston
Jonathan Gehrs
Norma George
Jim Gossett

Adam Green
Carmen Haun
Theresa Hawkins
Laura Heard
Camile Hickman
John Howorth
Eric Jaeckle
Laurie Jensen
LeAnne Jensen
Leonard Johnson
Theresa Kirsch
George and Laura Kreitzberg
Sioux Kriss
Mark Lipton
Linda Maletis
Joe Martin
Katy Mountain
Solvei Neiger
Javier Nieto
Julie Olson

Lisa O’Malley
Barbara Palmer
Judd Parks
Jennifer Riddle
Ruth Roake
Amber Rountree
Nancy Ryan
Chad Scott
Dianne Shaw
Earl Shaw
Nancy Stanley
Claska Stephenson
Laura Stockwell
Nancy Stremick
Lorri Vandomelen
Serin VanDyke
Frances Von
Laurie Weiss
Ann Wiitala
Carole Zuleger