The Gray Family

The Gray family knows breast cancer too well. Jane is battling metastatic breast cancer herself and Joe – as husband and cancer researcher – is committed personally and professionally to developing durable and tolerable approaches to controlling the disease.  We have hope that application of the remarkable diagnostic tools, computational analysis techniques and drug combinations that are now being developed at Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU and around the world will provide Jane and all women facing this dreadful disease with long term, tolerable control of their cancer.  We have the courage to use these tools and techniques to select new drug combinations for individual patients, which we expect will lead to long term, tolerable control of advanced breast cancer.  We derive our hope and courage from the remarkable research results emerging daily from cancer research teams at the Knight Cancer Institute and around the world.  This work is made possible by public and philanthropic support for basic and applied cancer research. We greatly appreciate the support that the Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington provides to breast cancer patients and researchers in Oregon and around the world. It truly makes a difference in the fight to find a cure.

A researcher and professor at Oregon Health and Science University Knight Cancer Institute, Dr. Gray is also a Susan G. Komen Research Scholar. The Gray Laboratory specializes in the study of abnormalities in select cancers. And, Dr. Gray’s wife, Jane, is battling Stage 4 breast cancer. This makes his commitment to this research even more important. In their honor, we have started the Gray Family Fund to help Susan G. Komen achieve the goal of reducing the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026. Please make a gift to support this effort.

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