Tami Latham

Sometimes a breast cancer diagnosis is harder to make than others. In Tami Latham’s case, it took two different boards each consisting of three doctors reviewing three biopsies before they came to the conclusion that she had breast cancer.

Her treatment plan included surgery but not chemotherapy. Her doctors told her she didn’t need it and she trusted, believed, and hoped it was true. Tami was very close to her surgeon and found her to be a source of support and a true advocate.

One of Tami’s biggest fears as a married woman is what her husband would think of her after the mastectomy. She knew he loved her and deep down she knew it wouldn’t matter to him, but she couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to look at her differently. As it turned out, he was 100% supportive, and she says she couldn’t have done it without him.

Tami tears up when she thinks about waking up in her hospital bed after surgery to a room completely filled with flowers sent to her by her friends and golf group. The nurses commented that they loved going into her room because it smelled so good. There were so many flowers that they had to bring in extra tables to accommodate all of the vases.

Tami learned to look at things differently. She now notes the little things and pays attention to nature in a way she never did before. She hikes the same paths that she used to, but now she sees new things every day.

As an avid golfer and now a survivor, Tami was excited to participate in the Swing for the Cure NW, a golf tournament that benefitted Komen Oregon and Southwest Washington. What Tami appreciated the most about Swing for the Cure was all of the money raised stayed local. Tami continues to support Komen through WOW/Row for the Cure. As a Survivor, Tami feels it’s important to give back to the community.

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