Lee Greer

Lee was only intending to get her routine mammogram. What she wasn’t expecting was a mammogram that confirmed that she had breast cancer. Her mother also had breast cancer and passed away from stage 3 breast cancer. When they caught Lee’s early on, she felt blessed more than she was scared. Throughout her journey, Lee learned not to call it a battle. Instead, she looked at it in a perspective of how to support herself and think of it less violently, since fighting takes a lot of energy and it sounded exhausting to her.

Lee advises those who were recently diagnosed to stay calm and find all information that they can. “It’s good to take care of yourself medically but to take care of all aspects of your life too,” Lee notes. “Not only should you take good care of yourself, but you should also try to surround yourself with a good support system,” she continues. For Lee, her primary support is her wife, who has been there with her every step of the way.  Lee knows that this wasn’t what her wife signed up for, and in some ways, it was harder on her wife than it was on herself. But, her wife has been with her through two other cancers and Lee has been breast cancer free for 10 years.

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