Larry Bunch

When Larry first found a lump in his left breast, he thought it was nothing more than a cyst and that it would take care of itself. In the following month after the detection, he realized it had grown so he decided to get it checked.  Through biopsies and scans, results came back and it was discovered that the lump was cancerous. He was initially scheduled for a surgery in December 2015, but his doctors recommended he hold off and push forward on chemotherapy instead. With that, Larry decided to get a genetic testing to find out what genes were abnormal, and it was discovered that both of his BRCA2 genes were abnormal. This meant that there was a possibility of cancer growing elsewhere in his body. So, they checked for prostate cancer as it runs in his family along with breast cancer, which he also has. “It’s been an adventure,” Larry states.

Larry strongly urges other men to start their diligence. “If they happen to feel something, get it checked out. Don’t wait,” he urges. Though Larry says he may not be cancer free, he is as close as he can get for the next couple of years and that is enough to keep him excited. Additionally, Larry says that he has an amazing team on his side throughout his journey. His family and friends have been exceedingly supportive and were able to help around the house when he needed it. There have been things he could not do and he had to call and ask and received help. His family was also able to help him financially, and he received help from many good programs, such as Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington’s Treatment Access Program.

Something that Larry wants those battling breast cancer to know is to seek out a team that will work hard for you. “Embrace it. Don’t be afraid of it, because it only gets better,” he says. To Larry, attitude is everything and that is why he is able to keep going with his life. He is excited to get back to work and to keep doing the things he loves.

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