Judith Clark

Judith Clark was diagnosed with breast cancer once again in March of 2017. She is no stranger to breast cancer since she received her first diagnosis 10 years ago. Her current breast cancer was discovered through early detection with an ultra sound. As a fighter, Judith has hard wired herself into not dwelling over the situation and feeling sorry for herself. “Don’t get hysterical, just focus, and deal with it. Go with your intuition! My intuition has taken very good care of me,” she explained. Turning 72 in 2018, Judith has been extremely keen on making sure she keeps physical activity weaved into her lifestyle. As a former Pink Phoenix member, Judith paddled for 3 years and enjoyed it greatly before retiring.

Since then, Judith has started a sports program in her area focusing on recruiting those that are 50 years and older. The program’s goals include having fun, building camaraderie, and thinking about good health. The program started with volleyball and has now branched out to other sports such as bocce and badminton. Judith sets aside 2 ½ hours to play on a weekly basis. She stated that being able to play sports has helped keep her mind off things and helps improve cognitive awareness, since sports such as volleyball require quick thinking and planning. Judith continues to play through her radiation treatments and has only missed one practice!

Due to not having many friends or any living family members, Judith says that Susan G. Komen Oregon and SW Washington has acted as her co-survivors. Having to travel longer distances to get to her radiology treatments, Judith was able to use the Komen Treatment Access Program, which has helped dramatically with reducing worries of gas money and has contributed to giving her a peace of mind.  Speaking on her support through Komen, she said, “People with cancer have great support systems through Komen. When you go through cancer, you need to have a great peace of mind. Komen was really able to contribute to that for me. Thank you, Komen for a great job. You continue to show how women and  men can stick together.”

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