Gage Wright

Gage Wright is like any other senior at Newberg High School. He likes to spend his days hanging out with friends and playing football, but these days, Gage is raising awareness for breast cancer. For his senior project, Gage pioneered a new fundraiser to raise money for his football team’s new pink jerseys. Beyond raising awareness, the remainder of the money raised will go to friends and family who have been affected by breast cancer, just like his second cousin Anne. It’s people like Gage who are the heart and soul of Susan G. Komen, helping us achieve our mission of finding the cures and eradicating breast cancer. This is his story:

My second cousin, Anne Marie Miller, died from breast cancer about ten years ago. Anne was not only a cousin, but a mother and a wife. I also have friends whose parents have been affected by breast cancer. I saw how their passing has affected my friends, and how Anne’s passing affected my mom too. I wanted to do something as a community to bring everyone together and show support.

During my sophomore year, my football team and I were playing a game against Tigard High School. They had alternative jerseys, and I wanted to find a way for Newberg High School to do something similar. My mom is the one who encouraged me to do pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness.

This past year, I connected with my coach, started a foundation, and began fundraising for the jerseys. We raised money right away. It was exciting! My plan is for us to wear our pink jerseys for the two home games in October. If we have any funds left-over, I’d like to have it go to friends and families that have been affected by breast cancer. They could use it for things like groceries, hospital bills, or even a weekend getaway.

I’m hoping what I have started will continue each year, even when I’ve graduated. I have a younger brother who is going to be a high school freshman this year, and I’d like for him to continue the legacy. For myself, I’m hoping to play college football, and hopefully, come back to Newberg High School and talk with new players about how the program is going. I want to see the community working together towards a greater cause.

-Gage Wright

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