Eryn Britton

An important method to early detection for breast cancer is to practice breast self awareness! Eryn Britton discovered her lump before it was confirmed through a biopsy that she had breast cancer at 29 years old. When she turned to doctors, she was referred to Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute but realized it was too far from where she resides. Her sister, Laura, lives by Walla Walla, and she decided to go to a treatment facility near her sister instead.

When Eryn started chemotherapy, it was a roller coaster of emotions. She reflected on her journey and said, “It’s a whirlwind. It happens slowly but it happens quickly at the same time. You stay in shock a lot of the time and in denial.” Though she had a lot of bad days, she also had happy days because there were advancements made within her treatments.  For Eryn, she hopes that everyone will be proactive about their health no matter what age they are.  “Don’t tell yourself I’m too young for cancer,” she emphasized.

A piece of advice that Eryn wants to give to other patients is to, “Do what you can to take care of yourself, and to let people help you because they want to help you.” Eryn says, “You have to be strong because you don’t have the choice. You will get through it.” However, it does not always mean that you have to do it alone. Eryn’s sister Laura acted as her source of strength and co-survivor during her hardship. Laura could get Eryn to eat when she did not want to and make her go out and remain active throughout treatment. Thanks to Laura, Eryn could get through and completed her last rounds of treatment in December 2017.

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