Danielle Cooper

Not only is Danielle Cooper a mom boss and blogger, she is a breast cancer survivor, advocate, and a board member of Pink Sistas, Inc, a non-profit focusing on providing retreats for breast cancer survivors. This is Danielle’s story about her breast cancer journey.

“I was 27 years old when I was diagnosed. I wasn’t even thinking about breast cancer. I had just gotten married and had a baby who, at the time, was 1 ½ years old. I found the lump on my right breast while showering and waited 3 months before I had looked at it, because I was young and young women don’t get breast cancer. That is clearly a myth! I’ve now undergone 8 rounds of chemo, bilateral mastectomy, removal of lymph nodes, 5 ½ weeks of radiation, perjeta infusions, Herceptin, DIEP Flap reconstruction, and oral chemo Neratinib.

Despite going through everything, I believe that positivity breeds positive outcomes, and your mind is a powerful tool in this fight. Not only do you need to foster the right mindset, you also need a good support system. Without mine, things would’ve been a bit harder on me. I’ve learned that although the days are long, the years are short so life must be embraced fully.”—Danielle Cooper

Danielle runs her own blog, Coop’s Whole Kit and Caboodle, where she shares her experiences of being a survivor, mom, wife, and having a career.

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