Brenda Marks

During Brenda’s biopsy, the surgeon was very sure that it was cancer. Within two weeks of the discovery of the lump, she was going through chemotherapy. Everything in her life was moving rapidly. “It was tough. It’s a marathon you can’t quit,” she says. Despite the marathon, Brenda was tremendously grateful for the care and treatment available, alongside the friends she finds indispensable. What especially helped Brenda was visiting sites such as Caring Bridge, where she was able to keep up with medical situations from people of various medical conditions, as well as talk about her own. Brenda also has her own blog, Flatter Platter, and sews. Two hobbies she found therapeutic going through her journey.

Brenda wants to let others know who were recently diagnosed to take deep breaths because survival rates are incredible. And though it may be difficult, reach out to others in order to get the proper love and care that you need.

Brenda’s Blog:

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