Beverly Trzcinski

The only cancer that Beverly was originally aware of was her uterine cancer. However, she found a lump in her breast and was advised to get a mammogram, which later disclosed that she also had breast cancer. Though many go through an ordeal of emotions, Beverly felt very safe thanks to the support of everyone she’s encountered since the discovery of her breast cancer. She shares, “I have met not one person who wasn’t wonderful.” Beverly’s medical team took extremely good care of her and informed her of the valuable resources available to her. What was especially cherished through Beverly’s breast cancer journey was the strong support of her family and her church parishioners.

Being a person with strong faith, Beverly relied on prayers from people in multiple churches from here and other states. She felt strength from the out pour of spiritual support that she received, which has kept her going throughout her battle. She has met a number of people who have hidden their struggles, but Beverly says, “Don’t hide it and let everybody know so you can be surrounded by love and care. You have so much support when you reach out.” She has mentioned that those who don’t let other people know miss out on so much in terms of being cared for and helped. Her biggest piece of advice she says, “Sometimes, we have to just let other people love us too.”

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