Fundraise through Facebook

There are few of us in this country whose lives have not been touched by breast cancer. Your support helps us get another step closer to a world without breast cancer. We invite you to join forces with us to make a difference in the fight.

Creating a fundraiser is easy and there are 3 different methods to do it! (Click on image to enlarge)

  1. Directly through Komen Oregon’s Facebook page.
    a. Scroll to Fundraisers and select”Create”

    b. Fill out the basics and make sure to select “Komen Oregon” when asked: “Who are you raising money for?

  2. Through a Facebook post
    a. Scroll to the bottom and select “Support Nonprofit”

    b. Type in “Komen Oregon” at the search bar when asked: “Search for a nonprofit to support

  3. Facebook’s Fundraising page
    a. Visit

    b. Click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”
    c. Type in “Komen Oregon” in the search bar and select!