Dr. David Page

Doctor David Page, a medical oncologist from upstate New York, didn’t hesitate a moment when asked what his ties to breast cancer were.

“I am a physician that treats breast cancer patients. I also do research in breast cancer to develop new types of therapy in breast cancer to improve the outcomes. I’ve always been interested in the science of cancer as well as the immune system and I thought one of the most fascinating things about nature was that your body can turn against you and turn into cancer but your body also makes a defense system against it. So your body can kill cancer and that’s what drives me into the field of medicine. I went into the field of breast cancer oncology because I felt there was a real opportunity to improve the cure rates with this new type of treatment that helps your immune system to kill the cancer.”

Dr. Page explained one of his favorite things about his work is getting to know his patients, not just from a medical perspective but a life perspective as well. He mentions that getting to know your patients on a more personal level is fascinating from the point of diversity that they all have, showing that this disease doesn’t just affect one certain group. Dr. Page gets to see his patients through there entire journey, from the moment of diagnosis to developing treatment, and being with them every step of the way. He expressed that he loves getting to “nerd out” on the research and developing new clinical trials while still being able to help his patients.

“We have to respect life and fight for it when cancer threatens it, and I get to help patients go through that journey.”

Dr. Page is also a member of the Susan G Komen Oregon and SW Washington Board of Directors, offering insight to the board from a doctors perspective. He was asked to join the board, by Andrew Asato, the CEO, after getting the opportunity to share his research experience with Breast Cancer Survivors and Fighters at the Breast Cancer Issues Conference in 2016. Dr. Page ensures that the work Komen does inline with what is best for the patients.

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