Darrin Treanor

Darrin Treanor started Clothing 4 Cancer Textile Recycling as a way to give back to a cause that made a deep impact on his life – breast cancer.

A close aunt of Darrin’s was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after several years of fighting, ended up losing the battle. To this day, Darrin is inspired by his aunt’s determination and endless positivity that she carried throughout her journey.

“It’s tough to see a loved one suddenly thrown into a battle with a relentless disease that never seems to go away. It’s hard not to get down and to stop focusing on all the negatives associated with such a terrible disease/situation,” Darrin reflected. “I learned what a powerful impact a positive attitude can have throughout all stages of the journey and how it leads to a better quality of life throughout that journey.”

When Darrin first learned about the Textile Recycling industry, he was inspired to find a way to combine it with another cause he cared about; “Being able to help raise funds for Susan G. Komen [Oregon and SW Washington], while also keeping clothing out of the garbage/landfills, seemed like a Win-Win,” Darrin reflected.

People can donate old, unwanted, and worn out clothes and shoes to Clothing 4 Cancer and help raise money for the fight against breast cancer. 50% of the money raised from each clothing donation goes to Komen Oregon & SW Washington.

“You may have seen our bright pink clothing donation bins around town and if not, you probably will soon. As of now we have 20+ bin locations and are looking to double that within the next year,” Darrin explained. “I’m really excited (and a little bit nervous) with what the rest of 2020 will bring and am really looking forward to all of the benefits that we will bring to the Komen Oregon & SW Washington group and the people out there battling breast cancer.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone battling breast cancer, Darrin replied: “Try to focus on the positives. Maximizing positivity can have an amazing effect on you and those that surround you.”

To learn more about Clothing 4 Cancer visit https://www.clothing4cancer.us/ or contact Darrin at clothing4cancer@gmail.com.

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