At Susan G. Komen, we’re committed to supporting research that will identify and deliver the cures for breast cancer. As a result, the national organization has provided grants that have contributed to significant advances in the breast cancer arena for more than 30 years. Our research investments now make us the largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research outside the US government. We’re proud to have funded research in the U.S. and 17 other countries around the world, covering the spectrum of breast cancer– from basic cancer cell biology to prevention, early detection and diagnosis to new treatments and improved quality of life.

Contributions have enabled Komen to invest over $34 million in Oregon and SW Washington since 1991. Of this, $20.7 million has supported grassroots education, screening, and survivor/forever fighter support services in communities across Oregon and SW Washington, and $13.5 million has helped fund cutting-edge breast cancer research at local research institutions.

In 2019, Susan G. Komen reached the $1 billion mark for research, with focused projects locally on metastatic breast cancer and new treatments. $850,000 was awarded to local Oregon researchers:

  • Oregon Health & Science University Komen Scholar Joe Gray, Ph.D., will receive $400,000 to improve metastatic hormone receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer treatment by identifying FDA-approved drugs that could improve the effectiveness of immune therapies.
  • Providence Portland Medical Center Kristina Young, M.D., Ph.D., will receive $450,000 to study how to increase the ability of the immune system to fight metastatic breast cancer. To do this, she will study how depleting one protein, TGFbeta, can help the immune system identify and attack breast cancer cells.
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Help fund metastatic breast cancer research through the Gray Family Fund.

The Gray Family Fund

A researcher and professor at Oregon Health and Science University Knight Cancer Institute, Dr. Gray is also a Komen Scholar. The Gray Laboratory specializes in the study of abnormalities in select cancers. And, Dr. Gray’s wife, Jane, is battling Stage 4 breast cancer. This makes his commitment to this research even more important. In their honor, we have started the Gray Family Fund to help Susan G. Komen achieve the goal of reducing the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the U.S. by 2026. Please make a gift to support this effort.