Angelina Anderson

Angelina was 29 when she decided to change her career path – young enough to thrive, old enough to doubt. Inspired by her husband’s grandmother who, at the time, was battling breast cancer, she used her background in business and passion for cosmetics to go back to school to become a tattoo artist.

This passion led her to specialize in lip and areola restoration. On a path to positively serve others, Angelina set out to help those dearest to her heart and decided to focus her talents on those with breast cancer.

‘It fell into place, like an aha moment,” Angelina said. “This is what I’m supposed to be doing; this is why I went down this path; this is why I left my job; this is right.”

Filled with enthusiasm to give back, Angelina began specializing in 3D Areola nipple restoration.

With genuine passion in her voice, she said “it’s really powerful work to see 5 women a week who are usually survivors or who are going through some part of their process. Many of my clients state that they want to feel normal again, like a piece of them is missing or feels out of place… it’s just so much more than breast cancer at that point.”

Angelina feels humbled by the fact that she is able to help give these women back their confidence, faith, and motivation in themselves. The conversations are one of the most rewarding aspects for Angelina. From hilarious to emotional, each conversation creates meaning and purpose in what she does.

In moments of despair and uncertainty, every individual handles the situation their own way. Some with frustration, some with grief, and some with humor. Angelina recalls one comical experience where one woman came in and received 3D areola restoration. That same night this woman went on a great date – so great that she called Angelina and disclosed the evening with full transparency. She said “We are totally going to do it; I’m so read to take these new babies out for a spin!” Laughing histarically, Angelina expressed how thankful she is for these types of rewarding moments like these that serve as a reminder as to why set out on this mission. 

Angelina advises everyone to perform self-checks. In general, to anyone not performing self-checks you may be at risk.

“Early detection is so important. It makes it so people have a better chance at life – have more options,” Angelina said. “It’s really important for people to know the statistics that show people can live long healthy lives after having breast cancer, especially with early detection.”

Finding a tattoo artist like Angelina can be difficult. To reach as many survivors she can, Angelina works closely with plastic surgeons and physicians in the Oregon/SW Washington area. To get a sense of what to expect in your first appointment, Agnelina will first spend spends an hour getting to know you – asking what you’re looking for so she can serve you best. On a financial note, Angelina is often able to work with her client’s insurance to help offset that burden.

Like so many come to realize, life can change in a heartbeat. Angelina’s mother tested positive for the ALB2 gene, a block of two mutations, so she is more passionate than ever before to raise awareness and invest her time. In fact, Angelina recently joined Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washinton’s Ambassador Board to take her knowledge, impact, and work to the next level. “It’s really powerful work,” Angelina affirmed.

We here at Komen are beyond thankful for the services and uplifting attitude Angelina brings to the table!

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