Allene Quay

Allene Quay is a truly remarkable woman whose strength and positivity have helped her overcome all the obstacles that life has thrown her way.

Two years ago, Allene was diagnosed with breast cancer after doctors had found a large tumor half the size of a basketball in her left breast. She has since been resilient in coping with what is now stage four breast cancer.

Throughout her battle, she says that what has helped her immensely is keeping a positive attitude everyday. “You have to stay positive everyday”, she says. “You have to enjoy each day and not take any day for granted.” Allene also advices those going through a similar situation to “stay active” and that it is important to take care of your body.

With the help of her family and friends, she has felt a lot of support and motivation during her journey. She says that one of her favorite things to do is spending her time with her family and doing fun activities like going to the beach together.

One of the things that has helped her the most during the past two years is maintaining a close relationship with God.

Since being diagnosed, her relationship with God has been closer than ever before and has helped her battle breast cancer. “I would advice those going through a similar situation to form a relationship with God and be involved in the church.” She says doing this has given her the peace and strength to keep fighting everyday.

One of Allene’s experiences that resonated with her the most during her journey is the time that her friend recommended to her a book.

She took her friends advice and went to the book store to take a look at it. Attached to the back of the book was a pendant that she absolutely fell in love with. Time went by and she received a package at her door with no name or address. Inside the package was that pendant she loved so much. Allene says this story means a lot to her because it has kept her faith alive in knowing that everything that happens in her life happens for a reason.

Allenes journey caused some financial stress to her family. To help with her medical finances, her social worker recommended her to apply for the Treatment Access Program. The program covers the cost of transportation that is needed for her to receive her treatments.

Being that her commute from Yamhill to Portland to receive treatment is far, being a part of the program has greatly helped her family financially. “We definitely could not have done this without the program,” says her husband Kenneth.

Allene’s support during her journey has allowed for her to continue living everyday with courage and strength. Her positivity and bravery during the past two years since her diagnoses is admired by all her friends and family.

Learn more about the Treatment Access Program.

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