Anna Miller

Events & Fundraising Manager
503-546-7431 |

Where did you grow up?
Beaverton, OR

Who is in your family?
My husband Mike and my twins, Mya and Dylan.

What has been your favorite vacation – where and why? 
Hawaii, I love being able to swim in the ocean during the day and cooling off in the pool at night.

If you could live anywhere for two years, where would it be? 

What are two on your “top 10” song list? 
90’s and R&B           

What would you like to do on your “bucket” list? 
I’d like to take my family to Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam in the next few years to visit family.

What is your favorite sport? 
Basketball – Go Blazers!!!

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work? 
Spend time with family and friends, and try new restaurants.