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Survivor Support

There are thousands of amazing individuals all around the region who
not only understand the life altering effects of breast cancer, but thrive in
spite of them. Meet these tremendous people at local events that offer 
you can avenue of support, counseling, and friendship.

  Breast Friends
In 2001 Becky Olson and Sharon Henfin Founded Breast
Friends to ensure that women didn't feel isolated during
cancer by teaching their friends and family members how
to offer appropriate support.

Casting for Recovery
Founded in 1996, Casting for Recovery provides women
whose liveshave forever been affected by breast cancer with
the opportunity to gather in a natural setting to experience
the challenging sport of fly fishing within an intimate, safe,
and nurturing environment-free of charge.

This ground-breaking research program at Oregon Health
and Science University allows you to reclaim a strong, fit, and
healthy body while providing critical data for future survivors.

Moving to Balance Retreats
Chelsea Harper restores balance in times of unspeakable
change of young cancer survivors by offering them a day-long
retreat of yoga, support circles, deep relaxation and more.
Pink Lemonade
Dr.'s  Allen and Cassie Gabriel founded the Pink Lemonade
Project in 2010 to provide critical education, empowerment,
and support to breast cancer survivors during a range of healing
retreats as well as breast restoration advocacy events.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance
In 2002, Diane O'Connor and Diane Elizondo sought to provide
education, support, and outreach for women with ovarian cancer,
while also spreading awareness through the health care community.  

Pink Phoenix & Team Soar
If you like kayaking or canoeing, then you'll love being part of a
dragon boat team where you can paddle along side scores of
Breast Cancer Survivors that race up and down the pacific coast
spreading awareness, support, and a sense of the human spirit.