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Komen Oregon OPPOSES Headquarters' Decision

A Message from the Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate Board of Directors

PORTLAND - February 2, 2012 - Our local Affiliate has received many inquiries regarding Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s national decision to change its granting guidelines and performance criteria. Specifically, the effect these changes will have on Planned Parenthood and other Komen grantees. Komen Oregon is opposed to the new national Komen community grant eligibility policy. Not only will this decision affect Planned Parenthood, but also any other organization under investigation.  The implications will be far reaching, having an adverse effect on numerous grantees.  Ultimately it will compromise our ability to provide life-saving access to breast cancer screening and treatment for the most vulnerable women.

What we have experienced and witnessed over the last two days is an extraordinary level of passion for these important issues to women. Our commitment to our mission is unwavering. Please feel free to continue to provide your feedback on a local level to


Komen Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate Board of Directors