Research, Early Detection, Survivor Support, Advocacy

Komen Scholar Since 2010

Oregon Health & Science University

Portland, OR

Joe W. Gray, Ph.D., is the Gordon Moore Endowed Chair, Biomedical Engineering; Director, Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine; and Associate Director for Biophysical Oncology, Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Gray’s research focuses on applying advanced measurement technologies to identify the genomic abnormalities that occur in breast cancers and understanding how these abnormalities change the organization of the proteins, cells and tissues that comprise these cancers. A translational researcher, Dr. Gray uses information from his studies to improve aspects of breast cancer management, ranging from early detection to better treatment of metastatic disease. Dr. Gray’s Komen supported research aims to understand how the environment that surrounds a tumor combined with the tumor’s genetics impact its response to therapy, with a special focus on HER2-positive tumor. Dr. Gray received the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science in 2007.

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