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Clergy Role

Clergy members are encouraged to involve their congregation in Worship in Pink activities with the important message of screening and early detection can help save lives! You can empower your congregation to engage in dialogue concerning breast cancer education, screening and early detection. Please join us with your commitment to:
  • Promote breast cancer awareness and screening in your congregation through Worship in Pink outreach and education activities.
  • Appoint 2-4 Worship in Pink Ambassadors to represent and work within your congregation, to plan Worship in Pink activities.
  • Work with your Ambassadors to schedule a breast cancer-related activity or event for your congregation during Worship in Pink- October 1-31.
  • Incorporate ongoing breast cancer awareness and education as part of your health ministry.
Clergy are asked to sign a letter of commitment to inform us of their interest in participating in Worship in Pink.

For more information, contact Kathy Kendrix at or 503.735.1475.