Research, Early Detection, Survivor Support, Advocacy

Stacie Johnson

Where did you grow up?
Portland, Oregon

Who is in your family?
Me, Parents, (2) Twin Sisters

What has your favorite age been (so far) and why?
20 was pretty fun, I was able to live in Italy on a study abroad.

What is your favorite book?
Funny - I love female comedians: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me: Mindy Kaling, Not That Kind of Girl: Lena Dunham; Classics I've reread recently - To Kill A Mockingbird, Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye.

What has been your favorite vacation - where and why?
Phuket, Thailand - Food, Beach, People, Adventure

If you could live anywhere for two years, where would it be?
Barcelona, Spain; or Rome, Italy. I am obsessed with pace and people in these cities. I love the food, history, culture, and surrounding areas!

What are two on your "top 10" song list?
All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z

What would you like to do on your "bucket" list?
Travel to all 7 continents

What is your favorite sport?
To participate in: soccer
To watch: Track & Field

What do you like to do when you aren't at work?
I love going to new restaurants. Travel to warm/sunny cities.