Research, Early Detection, Survivor Support, Advocacy

Jill Wantland

Where did you grow up?
Right here in the good old Northwest! I was born in Seattle and moved to Portland when I was 12.

Who is in your family?
I was incredibly fortunate to meet my husband, Ryan, when we were both at the ripe, young, age of 23. Over the last 13 years we have created a beautiful life together which nowadays completely revolves around our amazing babies, our 5 year old daughter Milly and our 1 year old son, Levi.

What has your favorite age been (so far) and why?
Favorite age??? I’d have to say that life seems to get better each year so…right now!

What is your favorite book?
When I have the luxury of digging into a good book I tend to lean toward books written by women comedians, I loved Tina Fey’s Bossypants, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, all of Chelsea Handlers books and cannot wait to read Amy Shumer’s book J

What has been your favorite vacation - where and why?
Before my husband and I had our children we would take a 2 week trip to Kihei, Maui every year where we would stay beachfront in a small, private community called Maalaea Surf. It was truly magical. No crowds. No noise. No hurry. If I close my eyes I can still hear the waves and smell the sweet Maui air.

If you could live anywhere for two years, where would it be?
See the above answer.

What are two on your "top 10" song list?
Oh dang. This is close to impossible to answer! I love music too much to pick! Some of my fav artists? Alicia Keys, Sia,

What would you like to do on your "bucket" list?
I actually don’t have a bucket list…is that weird???

What is your favorite sport?
To play or to watch? I am not the most athletically gifted individual but I am very competitive so when I do play, I play my best and I have a great time. I love watching live sports, all sports. I love everything about the experience of sitting in the crowd and rooting on the team. I also love a nice, cold beer(s) while sitting in the crowd.

What do you like to do when you aren't at work?
My work days are spent in the non-profit sector, raising money, awareness and support for reproductive health and rights. Outside of work I am a mom, a wife, a sister, an auntie, and a friend. I love being a mama more than anything and love seeing life and experiences through the eyes of my beautiful children. I love to cook, I love politics, I love a really strong IPA, I am sucker for celebrity gossip and I love making a difference in this world.