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Cody Elliott

Where did you grow up?
All over:  I was born in Longmont, Colorado, I grew up mostly in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I attended high school in Marietta, Georgia.

Who is in your family?
My incredible wife, a softball-playing daughter, a soccer- and baseball-playing son, and a furniture-chewing Boston Terrier named Parker

What has your favorite age been (so far) and why?
20 was pretty great: it was the summer I met my now-wife and some of my closest friends from college.

What is your favorite book?
The Dark Tower by Stephen King

What has been your favorite vacation - where and why?
In August 2012, the whole family flew to Tokyo, Japan for my brother's wedding. We spent 10 days in the city and it was absolutely incredible. We'd love to go back!

If you could live anywhere for two years, where would it be?
A toss-up between London, England, and Boston, Massachusetts.

What are two on your "top 10" song list?
Under Pressure (Queen w/David Bowie), Careless Whisper (George Michael).

What would you like to do on your "bucket" list?
See the Northern Lights, preferably from somewhere exotic like Iceland or Tromsø, Norway. Also, be on the Amazing Race!

What is your favorite sport?
Football (both the American and English varieties)

What do you like to do when you aren't at work?
Read, binge-watch good TV with my wife, and ride bikes with the kids.