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Komen is the largest non-governmental funding source of breast cancer research in the world, with $12.2 million dedicated to researchers at Providence Cancer Center and Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute. The latest research grants awarded in Oregon:

  Komen Research Awards 

  OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Investigator Year Amount  
  Joe Gray



  Providence Medical Center Investigator
Year Amount  
  William Redmond



  OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Investigator

   Joe Gray

  Komen Scholar Joe Gray, Ph.D. - Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute
2016 Recipient - Received $400,000

Dr. Redmond received $400,000 to expand his work studying the role that genetics may plan in why HER2+ breast cancer patients eventually develop resistance to HER2+ -targeted therapies. Information from this work will help design and test new drug combinations to better optimize current treatments available for HER2+ breast cancer patients.

William Redmond, Ph.D. - Providence Portland Medical Center
2015 Recipient - Received $450,000

Dr. Redmond received $450,000 to understand the biological mechanisms that stop a patient’s immune system from fighting breast cancer. He will help develop new immunotherapeutic approaches, such as a vaccine, that will potentially destroy breast cancer cells throughout the body, providing better treatment options for women with metastatic breast cancer.

Komen Scholar Joe Gray, Ph.D.
 - Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute
2014 Recipient - Received $200,000

Dr. Gray received $200,000 in continued funding to understand if the local environment in the breast tissue (including the oxygen levels) could cause some HER2-positive breast cancer tumors to become resistant to treatment. This information will be used to design more specific drug combinations that will counter these effects. 

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